主机遥控系统 VIR20-S

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1. 概述Overview

VIR20-S主机遥控(Main Engine Remote Control System)用于在驾驶室和集控室远距离控制船舶动力装置按操纵手柄命令自动顺序实行,一款性能优良的主机遥控,具有齐全的状态监测和报警功能,除具备基本的控制功能外,还具有齐全的发动机机械负荷和热负荷保护功能,能提高发动机的平均无故障运行时间(MTBF),延长发动机寿命,抵消由于风浪等原因造成的螺旋桨负荷变化带来的发动机转速波动等影响。

VIR20-S Main Engine Remote Control System is used for controlling marine power plant remotely in bridge and ECR and executing in automatic sequence according to the command of control handle. Besides basic control functions, an excellent main engine remote control system with complete functions of condition monitoring and alarm should also have functions of engine mechanical load and thermal load protection, which can improve the mean time between failures (MTBF) of engine, prolong the service life of engine and offset the fluctuation of engine speed arisen form the change of propeller load caused by stormy waves.

2产品特点Product features


The VIR20-S intelligent main engine remote control system can be configured as electric-pneumatic mixed type and pure electric control type according to the need. Through software, it can be configured as an irreversible medium-high speed main propulsion device, which is suitable for reversible low-speed main propulsion device or gear box of ahead and astern clutch. For drivers, they can realize logical operation such as reversal and speed change by remotely controlling the main propulsion device of the ship. Moreover, this system has complete functions of alarm, mechanical load and thermal load protection, protection functions such as failure parking and fault deceleration, self-protection in case of gas loss and power loss, as well as over-control of safety. In addition, manual control can also be local implemented according to the instructions from the bridge.


VIR20-S intelligent main engine remote control system can diagnose alarm fault based on condition monitoring, judge the fault location based on functions of fuel consumption statistics and decision-making according to alarm and condition information, make assistant suggestions on maintenance, count fuel consumption index, recommend economic speed and improve the efficiency and economy of navigation.

3.产品优点 Product advantages

  1. 基于安全和长寿命的高可靠性设计

High-reliability design based on safety and long service life


Adopting the design of power supply switching with two-way redundancy and non-disturbance, imported components in the electronic control and electrical isolation technology in the power supply, communication and sensor interface of the distributed module, the system has strong anti-interference capacity and fault detection function of sensor lines. In addition, all pneumatic valves are imported from Japan SMC valves, which are safe and reliable with long service life.

  1. 基于船舶高效飞行的冗余控制技术

Redundancy control technology based on high-efficiency navigation of ships


With multiple redundancy control modes, it can switch to other control modes automatically in the case of abnormal feedback from external sensors or local failure of remote control system, still maintain remote control for the bridge and win valuable time for efficient operation of ships.

  1. 基于传令和控制一体的复合车钟设计

Design of compound clock based on the integration of command and control


Adopting miniaturization design, the compound clock has independent LCD screen, which is novel and fashionable. In addition, 2 sets of independent electrical systems are used for ECR, local command and control respectively, which can reduce the use cost and installation volume while meeting the requirements of specifications and use.

  1. 面向不同动力装置的智能配置技术

Intelligent configuration technology for different power devices


With general design and configuration tools, different types of power devices can configure speed setting, alarm name and quantity, as well as execution action, online block and restore a single alarm project to avoid the influence of false alarm caused by sensor failure.

  1. 基于报警和状态监测的故障诊断技术

Fault diagnosis technology based on alarm and condition monitoring


According to the current alarm situation and working status, comprehensive analysis can be carried out, the fault location can be determined and assistant suggestions on maintenance can be recommended, so as to reduce the requirements for maintenance personnel and improve the efficiency of maintenance.

  1. 基于经济航速决策的油耗指数统计

Statistics of fuel consumption index based on economic speed decision


Advanced collection mechanism for fuel efficiency index, combined with operation status of engine and ship, it can provide reference for economic speed decision-making and economic navigation of ships.

  1. 先进的人机交互体验和模块化设计

Advanced man-machine interactive experience and modular design


With 7 inch LCD screen and rotary hand-wheel as man-machine interaction window, the interface is beautiful and generous with clear indication, and the operation is easy. In addition, the system is designed by modularization and CAN communication bus, which is easy to connect and can be configured into two or three control positions according to demand.

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